Generally diploid two copies packaged with proteins

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Unformatted text preview: _detailpage&v=Rl5EmUQdkuI 11 Storage of DNA •  Prokaryotes –  Circular molecule, double stranded. –  Generally haploid (one copy) –  Packaged with proteins (H- NS and other Histone- like protein), aggregates to form the nucleoid) –  DNA in the cytoplasm, ribosomal RNA encoded on the chromosome –  May also contain plasmids •  Eukaryotes –  Linear molecules, double- stranded. –  Generally diploid (two copies) –  Packaged with proteins (Histones) to form chroma,n fibers, the chromosome. –  DNA in the nucleus –  Nucleolus: (DNA that code for ribosomal RNA, ribosomal proteins, immature ribosome) 12 DNA, RNA and proteins DNA polymerase RNA polymer...
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