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Unformatted text preview: phage) •  InfecEon by temperate phages result in a prolonged, latent state of infecEon (lysogeny). •  Prophage: phage genome within the host cell chromosome. •  Lysogen: bacterium that contains a prophage. •  SomeEmes, the prophage can exit the chromosome (a process called excision) and conEnue along the lyEc pathway, resulEng in the producEon of new virus parEcles and host cell lysis. Brock Biology of Microorganisms, 13th EdiEon. Bacteriophage lambda replicaEon (temperate phage) •  Phage Lambda’s genome is linear dsDNA with cohesive ends, a region of single- stranded complimentary DNA. •  The cohesive ends join, forming a circular molecule of dsDNA. •  The Lambda genome is integrated at a specific site in the bacterial chromosome: the a-λ site. The a- region in the phage genome is homologous to the a-λ site. The enzyme lambda integrase catalyzes integraEon of the phage genome at this site. The lambda integrase is encoded on the phage genome. Brock Biology of Microorga...
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