Uncoaeng removal of the envelope andor the

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Unformatted text preview: chanical damage. •  PenetraEon: virus genome enters the cell. –  In enveloped and naked viruses, the complete virion may enter the cell. –  In enveloped viruses, the envelope may be leV at the cell surface such that only the nucleocapsid enters the cell. –  In naked viruses, the nucleocapsid may be leV at the surface. •  UncoaEng: removal of the envelope and\or the nucleocapsid by host enzymes, someEmes within lysosomes (in eukaryotes). Brock Biology of Microorganisms, 13th EdiEon. Naked viruses Enveloped viruses Most enveloped viruses of eukaryotes use endocytosis (viropexis). Such viruses are then delivered to lysosomes which degrade the virus and the nucleic acid is release into the cytoplasm. Life cycle of viruses •  ReplicaEon of the nucleic acid, transcripEon and protein synthesis. •  MaturaEon: assembly of virus components, nucleic acid, nucleocapsid and accessory proteins to form new virions. Usually, the ass...
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