E a cell that has acquired immortality characterized

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Unformatted text preview: nd RNA serves as a template for synthesis of a large polyprotein that is cleaved into proteins. In coronavirus (SARS), monocistronic mRNA (encoding for only one protein) are produced from the minus- strand. POLIOVIRUS CORONAVIRUS PoliomyeliEs ParalyEc polio in 1% of cases. Skeletal deformiEes post- paralyEc polio. No cure, but vaccine. RNA genome 2. minus- strand RNA •  Example: Rabies (Rhabdovirus), Influenza (Orthomyxovirus). •  The RNA genome (minus- strand) is first transcribed into a plus- strand RNA by an RNA- dependent RNA polymerase carried inside the virions. RNA genome 3. dsRNA •  Example: Rotavirus (Reovirus). •  The dsRNA genome can not be translated. First, a plus- strand RNA must be syntheEzed by a viral- encoded RNA- dependent RNA polymerase using the minus strand as the template. •  The plus- strand is then translated into proteins and is used as a template to synthesize a minus strand to yield dsRNA genomes. RNA genome - retrovirus •...
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