36 brock biology of microorganisms 13th edion

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Unformatted text preview: d that the water is unsafe for human consump<on. •  The absence of fecal coliforms does not ensure good water quality (cysts are more resistant than fecal coliforms). 26 Most probable number (MPN) Test for coliforms: samples are added to lactose broth. If gas produc<on is detected, test is posi<ve. Use sta<s<cal tables to es<mate the MPN of coliforms in the original sample. Presump<ve tests, further tests needed for confirma<on. 27 Membrane filtra<on •  •  •  Coliforms and fecal coliforms Test large volume of water (100 mL) Faster and easier than MPN 28 Water treatment •  Aims: –  remove pathogens –  improve clarity of water –  remove compounds that give bad smell or taste –  sowen the water •  Extent of treatment needed depen...
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