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4 hppoceanexplorernoaagov marine environment 5

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Unformatted text preview: orer.noaa.gov/ Marine environment •  High salinity (3%): organisms are halotolerant. •  75% of the ocean is deeper than 1000 m (deep sea, pelagic zone); at its deepest, 11 km below the surface, pressure is about 1100 atmospheres (~1 atm / 10 m) •  Below 100 m the temperature is constant at 2- 3°C. 4 hPp://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/ Marine environment 5 Open ocean •  In the open ocean, primary produc<vity is very low due to the lack of inorganic nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, iron) that are required by phytoplankton. The open ocean is OLIGOTROPHIC. •  Temperatures are cooler and more constant than those closer to shore. •  In some regions, wind and ocean currents cause an upwelling of water from the ocean floor bringing nutrients to the surface and promo<ng produc<vity. Ocean desert 6 hPp://www.seos- project.eu/modules/<meseries/<meseries- c06- p02.html hPp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Ba...
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