Is the turn on voltage in 1 what is the value of the

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Unformatted text preview: In 1. What is the value of the current, , indicated in the diagram? a. b. c. d. e. is a negative value. Page 4 of 17 2. In this circuit, when brightly-illuminated, the reverse-biased photodiode operates in which quadrant of the IV characteristic curve? a. Quadrant A delivering (sourcing) power. b. Quadrant B delivering (sourcing) power. c. Quadrant C delivering (sourcing) power. d. Quadrant A absorbing (dissipating) power. e. Quadrant B absorbing (dissipating) power. Page 5 of 17 3. Assume current is for both diodes. Also assume, in reverse-bias, the diode . what is ? a. 0.7 V b. 0.8 V c. 1.15 V d. 1.5 V e. 2.3 V Page 6 of 17 4. If the Zener diode of this voltage-regulator circuit has a Zener voltage of which condition below will maintain a constant output voltage, ? , a. b. c. d. e. Page 7 of 17 5. Assume an ideal diode model where . In reverse-bias, the diode current is . Which circuit produced the above plot? a. d. b. e. c. Page 8 of 17 For the next three problems, consider the common-emitter, npn BJT circuit shown below. 6. Let . Which is true of the transistor? a....
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