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Unformatted text preview: a sill and how does it help to prevent damage to wooden structures? 48. What is the difference between what is commonly called dry‐rot (but should be called wet‐rot) and a true dry rot? 49. What are rhizomorphs and why are they important to true dry‐rot fungi? 50. How do we prevent the growth of fungi in products like toothpaste and shampoo? 51. How are endomycorrhizae different from ectomycorrhizae? 52. Mycorrhizal fungi can serve as an extension of a plant’s root system. In what ways are fungal hyphae better‐suited to exploration of the soil than plant roots? 53. Why were mycorrhizae probably important to plants becoming established on land? 54. How do mycorrhizal fungi benefit from their association with plants? 55. H...
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