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Unformatted text preview: ow does the application of fertilizer change the relationship between plants and mycorrhizal fungi? 56. Ectomycorrhizal fungi create connections between the roots of individual plants. Why is this important? 57. Orchids produce very small seeds, why is this advantageous to them? 58. Why are orchid seeds unable to germinate and how do fungi allow them to overcome this limitation? 59. Describe the nutritional relationship between a non‐photosynthetic orchid and a mycorrhizal fungus. 60. What do fungi contribute to the functioning of the composite organisms known as lichens? 61. How do lichens contribute to soil formation? 62. Describe how lichens can be used to estimate the length of time that a rock surface has been exposed. 63. What is a desert crust and why is it important to life in the desert? 64. When a fly infected by Entomophthora muscae (fly fun...
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