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Unformatted text preview: mushrooms in ancient Rome give you an idea about how your host perceived your social status? 11. Describe how Locusta exposed Emperor Claudius to the deadly poison found in the death cap. 12. What two groups of people face a higher than average risk of mushroom poisoning? 13. Describe four ways that people can get sick from eating mushrooms that are unrelated to mushroom toxins. 14. Why is it a good idea to cook mushrooms before eating them? 15. Describe three characteristics that would help you to identify Amanita phalloides 16. Amatoxins are heat‐stable and acid‐stable. Why are those properties important? 17. What is meant by the term LD50? 18. Why are cells killed when exposed to amatoxins? 19. What is the most common cause of death in people who eat Amanita mushrooms? 20. Emesis refers to removal of stomach contents. Why is this usually not an effective treatment for amatoxin poisoning? 21. Why is charcoal commonly administered to victims of amatoxin poisoning? 22. How...
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