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Unformatted text preview: quefort”? 34. What is the most popular edible mushroom? 35. What substrate would you use to grow oyster mushrooms? 36. Which mushroom does not require light in order to grow properly? 37. Mushrooms are a good dietary source of certain vitamins, which ones? 38. Why is it important to identify every individual mushroom that youcollect? 39. Why is it advisable not to collect mushrooms for consumption in areas with a recent history of industrial activity? 40. Generally a permit is required to collect mushrooms on public land. What is an important exception to this generalization? 41. What are two characteristics of #1 grade matsutake mushrooms? 42. Describe the relationship between matsutake and the candy cane plant. 43. What is a lobster mushroom? 44. How does one become an expert in mushroom identification according to the state of Minnesota? 45. What are the physiological effects of consu...
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