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Lin 306-HO-KeySocioConcepts

Approach with a smile a genuine smile has practically

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Unformatted text preview: gual situation, the following steps in procedure are recommended: 1.Approach with a smile. A genuine smile has practically the same meaning in all cultures. 2.Talk. It is essential to speak (English, French, Spanish, anything.) This lets the natives know that you want to communicate. 3.Act out friendly gestures. The investigator should extend the hand or hands, meanwhile watching native actions carefully, so as to conform to them. For example, if the natives offer to snap fingers (the practice of the Uduks near the Ethiopian border) the investigator must do likewise. 4.Readily smile or laugh at your own mistakes. This will at least prevent a misunderstanding arising from unwitting offense because of improper conduct... … 7. Ask for the name of some object, using appropriate gestures (carefully noting the behavior of the people). The natives will usually guess what is wanted and will reply with something....”...
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