Lin 306-HO-KeySocioConcepts

As we move along this dimension languages become more

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Unformatted text preview: sody in relation to body-language and context. As we move [along this dimension] languages become more highly focused, highly-regularized. The functions of words and the relational functions between words have been grammaticized; the grammar is to some extent contextfree, the subject as well as the predicate is fully explicit and there is a sanction attached to breaking the rules in that “the rules” are now marked by members as symptoms of identity. p. 201. • Salient points along a focus continuum (from least focused to most focused); is based on the amount of established common ground in the form of shared linguistic and cultural knowledge on which communication is based o Ad hoc communication. Communication as it develops when parties share no language in common o Pidgins. Communication systems that develop in situations of limited contact among groups speaking different languages Typically, these are situations of colonization where the colonizer’s language is the LEXIFER (source) language By definition, a pidgin is no one’s NATIVE language Pidgins are typically restricted...
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