Lin 306-HO-KeySocioConcepts

We speak of the code matrix as the set of codes and

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Unformatted text preview: avior. We speak of the code matrix as the set of codes and subcodes functionally related to the communication matrix. • By communication roles, he means roughly the roles an individual might play in any of the different social situations a person might find him/herself, e.g., as parent in the home, as player on a football team, or as student speaking in class, as customer in a store. • By codes, he refers neutrally either to different languages, or to dialects or styles within the same language. • The main idea is that linguistic difference—whether great or small—becomes the marker of different communication roles within the communication matrix. 3. FOCUS and THE FOCUS CONTINUUM • Focus is a property of a language, or of a speech community o Refers to the amount of established common ground that people have for communication o Directly related to the formation and maintenance of personal, ethnic, and national identity • According to Le Page, R. B., and Andrée Tabouret-Keller (Acts of Identity: Creole-based Approaches to Language and Ethnicity,...
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