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Lin 306-HO-KeySocioConcepts

G labor exploitation o creoles new languages emerging

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Unformatted text preview: to the situations where the two groups come in contact, e.g., labor exploitation o Creoles. “New” languages emerging from pidgins Typically, creoles emerge when a pidgin becomes the native language of children in a community where the pidgin is used o Established languages and speech communities. Languages and speech communities with long traditions of continuous linguistic practice Large body of shared linguistic and cultural knowledge Traditions of writing may reinforce the traditions (e.g., English, Chinese) But shared knowledge may also be maintained orally (e.g., indigenous communities such as Eyak, Cup’ik, Chatino, and many many others around the world); and it may be maintained in situations of stable multilingualism 4. AD HOC COMMUNICATION • Communication as it develops when parties share no language in common • Consider this advice from a missionary linguist to linguists who wish to study and learn the language of people with whom they share no common language (from Nida, Eugene A. (1949) Morphology: The descriptive analysis of words (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press: For a strictly monolin...
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