v r elative error is not defined for v 0 loosely

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Unformatted text preview: error is v v , and (unless v 0 ) the r elative error is .( v R elative error is not defined for v 0. ) Loosely, precision refers to the number of correct v v v v digits. More precisely it is log 10 decimal digits (or log 2 binary bits). v v N otice the errors in the e xamples above relative to the exact result: 1. A n absolute error of .00000043 relative to 133.333243 is about 3.2 109 or about 8.5 digits. 2. A n absolute error.000057 relative to 113.580157 is about 5.0 107 or about 6.3 digits. 3. A n absolute error.0004061881 relative to 1219.3254061881 is about 3.3 107 or about 6.5 digits. 4. A n absolute error.000001140624811... relative to 12.499991140624811... is about 9.1 108 or about 7.0 digits....
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