3 b u se this to solve the least squares problem min

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Unformatted text preview: rt student w ould now t est AT r , w here r Ax b. 8 . A nsw er true or false . If false offer a simple counterexample. a. If the problem Ax b has a solution x, then the problem HAx Hb has the same solution x, for any matrix H (for w hich HA and Hb are defined.) b. L et matrix A have columns A.,1 solution x, then b x1 A.,1 ... xn A.,n . A.,n and the problem Ax b has a 9 . P rove that if yT x 0, for all x, then y 0. 1 0 . P rove that if QT Q I , then if x is perpendicular to y, then Qx is perpendicular to Qy....
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