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Unformatted text preview: doses  repeAAveness, stereotypy at high doses  reinforcement/addicAon  judgement, complex mulA ­tasking Peripheral Effects (sympathomime%c) Fight/Flight/Fright Syndrome (sympatheAc nervous system arousal)  Blood pressure  Blood sugar  Heart rate Irregular heart beat VasoconstricAon  Body temperature BronchodialaAon & Impaired breathing Amph Effects on Rat Behavior Cocaine Pharmacokine%cs: Absorp%on •  Routes of administraAon –  –  –  –  Insufflated (snorted) IV (mainlined) Inhaled (freebased) Oral Pharmacokine%cs: Distribu%on and Metabolism •  Both cocaine and amphetamines penetrate BBB easily •  Half ­lives –  Cocaine: ~ 50 ­90 min –  Amphetamine: ~ 5 ­10 hours –  Meth: ~ 12 hours •  Metabolites include acAve and inacAve compounds •  Cocaine is unusual in that it autometabolizes in the blood in addiAon to normal liver metabolism. –  Cocaine  ­ ­ ­ ­> norcocaine, ecgonine methyl ester, benzoylecgonine Cocaethylene •  Alcohol inhibits metabolism of cocaine •  Alcohol + cocaine chemically react to form cocaethylene •  Only known example where body forms new psychoacAve compound from two...
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