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Ephedrine acave ingredient in mahuang ephedra plants

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Unformatted text preview: Cocaine powder made by mixing paste with hydrochloric acid (cocaine HCl) •  Freebase/crack extracted from powder with baking soda Amphetamine Overview (poor man s cocaine, crystal meth, ice, glass, speed) •  SyntheAc analog of ephedrine, acAve ingredient in mahuang (Ephedra plants) •  Mahuang used in China for asthma –  Chinese (Mandarin) má huáng : má, hemp + huáng, yellow •  Methamphetamine and Methylphenidate (Ritalin) are very similar •  Medical uses: obesity, ADHD, narcolepsy Chemical Structure of S%mulants Na%onal Survey on Drug Use and Health In 2009, 4.8 million Americans age 12 and older had abused cocaine at least once in the year. Cocaine use peaked in 1985 at 5.7 million. 788K use non ­cocaine prescripAon ­like sAmulants; 387K of them use methamphetamine. Effects on Mind, Brain, Behavior  alertness/vigilance, concentraAon  mental acuity, sensory awareness London et al., 1999  euphoria/elevated mood  brain electrical acAvity  self ­confidence, grandiosity  need for sleep (insomnia)  appeAte  brain blood flow, glucose metabolism Effects on Mind, Brain, Behavior (cont.)  sexual desire, but cocaine can  performance  anxiety, suspiciousness, paranoia  convulsions, tremor, seizure  psychosis, delirium  locomoAon at low/moderate...
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  • to00, cocaine00, compounds00   •  Cocaine00, purposes00   •  Main00, moAvaAon00   •  HyperacAvity00, hours00   –  Meth

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