Tension need for paciers visual distorcon dizziness

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Unformatted text preview: roblems and open the door to sexually transmi`ed diseases. Methods of IngesXon •  •  •  •  Orally Snorted (Powder) Smoked Injected •  Effect lasts 3 ­6 hrs •  Average dose is 1 ­2 tablets (60 ­120 mg) •  •  •  •  20 to 40 minutes 5 to 10 minutes 20 to 30 seconds 10 to 20 seconds Acute Effects  Mood (euphoria)  Alertness (sympathomimeCc)  Heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature  Restlessness, locomoCon  Sensory intensity  FaCgue, need for sleep (insomnia)  AppeCte  Empathy, communicaCon, talkaCveness (empathogenesis)  Feelings of sensuality, affecCon (entactogenesis)  Self ­consciousness, fear, embarrassment, defensiveness  Nystagmus, jaw ­clenching, muscle tension (need for pacifiers)  Visual distorCon, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiCng (more likely at higher doses) Neurotoxicity NegaXve Side Effects •  Mild to extreme trisma and bruxism •  Short ­memory loss •  Confusion •  HA, verCgo, ataxia •  Muscle tension •  Nausea & vomiCng •  ConcentraCon difficulCes •  Crash come down •  Hangover lasCng days to weeks •  Depression and faCgue for up to a week •  Psychological addicCon •  Panic a`acks The Cycle •  IniCal experienc...
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