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Unformatted text preview: ed from morphine (more lipid soluble), made it even stronger (3X) –  Codeine 1/5 the strength of morphine Use and Abuse Pain medica5on is the second most common type of drug abuse in adolescents and adults behind marijuana. Use and Abuse (cont) Genera6on RX According to the Partnership for a Drug Free America, the most popular prescrip5on drug abused by teens is Vicodin followed by Oxycon5n. Common Pharmacokine6cs •  Opiates administered by various routes –  Oral: 20 ­30 min to reach brain –  Insufflated: 5 ­8 min –  IV: 15 ­30 seconds –  Smoked: 7 ­10 seconds •  Metabolized into ac5ve and inac5ve components by kidneys •  Eliminated mostly in urine Opiate Effects •  Opiates inhibit brain centers (depress CNS ac5vity) controlling: –  pain, coughing, breathing, heart rate and intes5nal mo5lity. •  Opiates depress nerve transmission in sensory pathways of the spinal cord and brain that signal pain. •  Widening of blood vessels (vasodila5...
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