Vicodin narco5c analgesic hydrocodone bitartrate

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Unformatted text preview: n quickly, converted into morphine for ac5on Methadone (methadone hydrochloride) •  Par5al agonist •  Completely synthe5c •  Orally administrated •  Mild/moderate effects over long 5me period (days) •  Used in treatment of opiate addic5on to prevent withdrawal and craving •  Minimizes effects of short ­term opiates taken under influence of methadone Methadone treatment •  •  •  •  •  Safer, less contaminated Taken orally  ­ avoids injec5on No worries about where next hit is coming from Lasts longer in the body (taken once a day) Allows withdrawal from drug use with less discomfort •  Reduces criminal ac5vity •  Cuts connec5on with drug scene •  It s cheaper Oxycodone •  Opioid Analgesic •  Synthesized from opium ­derived thebaine; structurally similar to codeine •  Ingested orally in tablet form •  Schedule II controlled substance •  Can only be legally obtained by prescrip5on •  OxyCon5n is 5me release oral oxydodone. Vicodin •  Narco5c Analgesic •  Hydrocodone bitartrate (opioid analgesic) and Acetaminophen (non ­opiate analgesic) •  Ingested orally in tablet form •  Schedule III controlled substance •  Can only be legally obtained by prescrip5on Opiate Addic6on Treatments: Buprenorphine •  Par5al agonist at mu...
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