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Unformatted text preview: receptor; antagonist at kappa receptor –  High affinity for mu receptor; half ­life is 24–60 hours •  Can displace full opiate agonist such as heroin or methadone –  Displacement of heroin or methadone by buprenorphine can produce opiate withdrawal symptoms •  Enables opioid ­addicted individuals to discon5nue use of opioids without experiencing withdrawal symptoms Naloxone (Narcan) •  Synthe5c direct antagonist •  Administered IV; onset = 2 min •  Few low ­dose effects on normal persons •  Rapidly precipitates withdrawal in opiate ­dependent persons •  Elicits tobacco craving in dependent individuals •  Used to reverse respiratory depression from overdoses Naltrexone (Trexan) •  Direct antagonist •  Administered orally •  Works like naloxone but since oral more useful for long ­term •  Used aNer recovery from withdrawal period (also used to treat alcoholism) •  Prevents opiate agonists from having an effect Tolerance •  Develops to respiratory depression, analgesia, euphoria, seda5on •  Lisle tolerance to pupil ­constric5on and cons5pa5on •  Profound behavioral/associa5ve tolerance •  Cross ­tolerance develops between diff...
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