Lecture 10 - Placebo and Expectancy

One group receives psychosocial interven3on psi asthma

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Unformatted text preview: effect is greater than the therapeu3c gain and the natural history of the disease, the treatment will make the pa3ent worse. •  The evil eye – voodoo – witchcraq Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) •  Hard evidence of the placebo effect in complex pathologies •  Connec3ons between mind, brain, and immune system •  Strives to find tangible linkage between mind/ body PNI Founda3ons •  Ader and Cohen (1975) suspect that immunosupression can be behaviorally induced –  Inves3gate in rat paradigm –  CS: saccharin –  US: immunosuppressant •  Discovered suppression of immune system by nothing more than taste Kiecolt Glaser (1999): Immune Func3on •  Stress dysregulates NK cell ac3vity and decreases g ­ interferon (IFN ­g) –  Prospec3ve study w/med students •  Stressed students have a suppressed immune response •  Prospec3ve study found that relaxa3on enhances NK ac3vity Castes, Hagel (1999): Asthma •  Prospec3ve study of children in Venezuela with asthma –  One group receives psychosocial interven3on (PSI) –  Asthma a7acks are reduced •  PSI increases immune func3on as well –  Higher NK ac3vity –  Higher T ­cell ac3vity –  Improved surface markers Kie...
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