Lecture 3+4 - Overview and Perspectives

Drugs 1980s 2 crack cocaine and aids epidemic mid 80s

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Unformatted text preview: –  Marijuana as symbol 1970s •  Comprehensive Drug Abuse and Control Act (1970) –  Drug scheduling •  Nixon declares War on Drugs (1971) –  DEA (1973): Law enforcement •  Nixon increases educaXon –  NIDA (1974): Drug research •  Ford rejects White Paper on Drug Abuse (1975) •  Carter advocates marijuana decriminalizaXon (1977) •  Drugs use peaks (1979) nd) War on Drugs 1980s: (2 •  Crack cocaine and AIDS epidemic (mid 80s) •  Expanded mandatory minimums (1984) •  Reagan renews War on Drugs (1986) –  Nancy Reagan – Just Say No campaign •  1988 AnX ­Drug Abuse Act –  Office of NaXonal Drug Control Policy created (1988): Drug Czar •  established the creation of a drug-free America as a policy •  U.S. military involvement (1989) 1990s •  Juvenile drug arrests soar (mid 90s) •  Supreme Court allows student athlete drug tesXng (1995) •  Voters in CA and AZ approve medical marijuana (1996): Prop 215 •  Clinton launches $350 million anX ­ drug adverXsing campaign (1997) –  The return of the egg 2000s: May you live in interesSng Smes... •  Plan Colomb...
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