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D western world learns of psychoacve use mid 1800s us

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Unformatted text preview: World Cannabis Highlights •  Archaelogical record of hemp cord (~8000 B.C.) •  Documenta*on of medical use in China (~2700 B.C.) •  Religious use in India (~2000 B.C.) •  Hashish use in Arab world (~1000 A.D.) •  Western World learns of psychoac*ve use (mid 1800s) U.S. Cannabis History •  Harvested for hemp in American colonies •  Smoking introduced in 1850s by Mexicans and West Indians •  Portrayed as evil in 1920s, laws passed to outlaw use •  By mid ­1930s, considered a narco*c •  Marijuana Tax Act (1937): made illegal; overturned in 1960s. •  By 1940 public convinced that it –  Induced violent crimes –  Led to heroin addic*on –  Was a great social menace U.S. Cannabis History (cont) •  THC isolated from marijuana (1964) •  Hippie era (1960s) •  Synthe*c marijuana  ­ Marinol (1980) •  First cannabinoid receptor isolated and cloned (1990) •  Endogenous ligand (anandamide) isolated (1992) •  Voters in CA, AZ approve medical use (1996) •  Marinol as Schedule 3 (1999) Marijuana and CigareLes Marijuana Smoke vs. Tobacco Smoke •  Which is more harmful? •  Each type has more of certain toxins and carcinogens than other •  Mi*ga*ng factors –  Filtra*on –  Addi*ves –  Frequency of use –  Method of inhala*on Normal Lungs and Physiology Lungs are the site of gas exchange: oxygen enters blood and carbon...
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