Eects on cerebellum possible roles for anandamide and

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Unformatted text preview: * ­tasking •  Altered control of motor movements/coordina*on •  Altered sensory awareness •  Increased heart rate and blood pressure •  Hallucina*ons, loss of control (at high doses) •  Anxiety, fear, panic (at s*mula*on  tranquility high doses) Chronic Effects •  Respira*on –  bronchi*s, pneumonia, lung cancer •  Cardiovascular –  speeds heartbeat; risk for those with heart rhythm or blood pressure problems •  Immune system –  Suppressed; increased likelihood of becoming ill •  Reproduc*on –  decreased sperm count; mobility –  menstrual irregulari*es •  Emo*on –  amo*va*onal syndrome •  Intellect –  impaired thinking/ reasoning/decision making –  difficulty maintaining alen*on –  Impaired STM •  Psychological –  increasing tolerance –  drug craving/seeking –  addic*on Hormone Problems Associated with Marijuana Use •  Altered hormone levels (prolac*n) •  Enlarged breasts in males (gynecomas*a) Gene1cs and Marijuana Increased risk of psychosis among adults who had used marijuana in adolescence and who also carried a specific variant of the gene for catechol ­O ­methyltransferase (COMT). Effects on Cerebellum Possible Roles for Anandamide and 2 ­AG •  Broaden Alen*onal Spotlight –  Effects on cortex, thalamu...
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