Lecture 8+9 - Neurotransmitters

Work very fast important role in fast

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Unformatted text preview: ded proteins embedded in cell membrane •  GaDng –  Ligand ­gated –  Voltage ­gated •  Effects  ­ Stretch ­gated ionotropic –  Ionotropic –  Metabotropic •  LocaDon –  PostsynapDc –  PresynapDc •  Heteroreceptor •  Autoreceptor metabotropic Ionotropic Receptors 1.  Work very fast; important role in fast neurotransmission 2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  Each is made of several subunits (together form the complete receptor) At center of receptors is channel or pore to allow flow of neurotransmiZer At rest  ­ receptor channels is closed When neurotransmiZer bind  ­ ­ channel immediately opens When ligand leaves binding site  ­ ­ channel quickly closes Metabotropic Receptors 1.  Work more slowly than ionotropic receptors 2.  Though it takes longer for postsynapic cell to respond, response is somewhat longer ­lasDng Comprise a single protein subunit, winding back ­and ­forth...
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