The maximum value of 40 points will be awarded to

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Unformatted text preview: ) does diminish the percentage score assigned by the MasteringGenetics website. The maximum value of 40 points will be awarded to students whose average percentage score for all assignments is greater than 75%. Lower point values will be awarded for lower average scores. To supplement assignments, selected problems from the textbook will be recommended for additional practice. MasteringGenetics Registration: You must register for MasteringGenetics in order to view assignments and to receive credit for assignments. This requires a MasteringGenetics access code (see Textbook section above). Instructions for MasteringGenetics registration are provided in a separate document on the course website; an additional document covers technical tips for the MasteringGenetics website. Please note that our course ID is MGENYELON86099. Questions about registering for MasteringGenetics can be directed by email to Robyn Martin ([email protected]) or by phone to Pearson level two technical support (877-973-3746). Discussion Sections: Discussion sections will meet for the first time during week 2 (week of January 13). It is expected that you will enroll in and attend a discussion section. You can earn a maximum of 40 points for participation in the section in which you are enrolled. Participation can be in the form of asking questions to the TA, answering questions posed by the TA, and/or working actively with a partner or in small groups to solve problems provided by the TA. Passive attendance at section will not count as participation. Sections will meet 9 times during the quarter. The maximum value of 40 points will be awarded to students who participate actively in at least 8 meetings of their assigned section. Lower point values will be awarded for less frequent participation. Enrolling in Discussion Sections: You can view the discussion section schedule and enroll in a section at, beginning on January 8 at 7:00 am. Log in using your UCSD student PID and select BICD 100. Concurrent enrollment students use their Extension Student ID number (UXXXXXXXX) to log in...
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