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Occurs naturally in psilocybe cubensis first isolated

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Unformatted text preview: s, early 60’s) –  Distributed LSD to students, paDents, and prisoners –  At least 80 different colleges and other insDtuDons –  Subjects o`en were not aware of what they were parDcipaDng in •  •  Military experimentaDon Timothy Leary •  Driving force in 1960’s counterculture –  “Turn on, tune in, drop out” –  Harvard professor who promoted and distributed LSD to students –  Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and many other arDsts •  •  Sports: Dock Ellis and the LSD no ­ hi[er LSD banned in 1968 Chronic Effects of LSD •  LSD exhibits rapid tolerance –  Tolerance lost within several days •  No physical dependence, li[le psychological dependence •  Laboratory animals do not self ­administer LSD •  No withdrawal effects •  Toxic dose is exponenDally higher than very strong effecDve doses •  Long ­term adverse psychological effects probably a result of latent problems revealed or exacerbated by LSD Psilocybin •  Occurs naturally in Psilocybe Cubensis •  First isolated by Albert Hoffman in 1958 •  Visual effects –  Increased color contrast –  “breathing walls” •  Modern use in psychotherapy DMT •  Dimethyltryptamine •  Usually inhaled (vaporized) –  Very f...
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