Distorions and tracers appedte suppression

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Unformatted text preview: ast onset compared to most hallucinogens •  Under 1 minute –  Very short duraDon •  Peak is 5 ­10 minutes •  Lingering effects for under 1 hour –  Extremely intense open and closed ­eye visuals –  Immersive trance –  Total removal from normal reality and sensorium •  Has affinity for many receptors, but primarily 5 ­HT2A DMT •  Ayahuasca –  Mixture of plant containing DMT and bark of plant containing harmine •  DMT normally broken down quickly by MAO in stomach •  Harmine inhibits MAO, allowing DMT to be absorbed –  Used for centuries by Amazonian shamans •  Unknown how plant combinaDon was iniDally discovered Category 2: Catecholamine ­like •  Structurally similar to DA and NE –  Mescaline –  MDMA Mescaline MDMA Mescaline •  Found in peyote and San Pedro cactus •  Important in naDve american religious ceremonies –  NaDve American Church –  PeyoDsm •  Structurally similar to DA and NE, but acts on 5 ­HT receptors –  Causes cross tolerance with other 5 ­HT agonists like LSD and psilocybin MDMA (Ecstasy) •  3,4 ­Methylenedioxy ­methylamphetamine •  Has both sDmulant and hallucinogenic effects –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –...
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