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How do people become exposed to histoplasma

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Unformatted text preview: alaria correspond with? The typical chills and fever symptoms correspond to the release of merozoites (the progeny) from erythrocytes. In other words, the periodicity of cycles corresponds to these symptoms. Where do most malaria deaths occur? Most malaria deaths occur in Africa. Lecture 6 Name at least three means of malaria control. Three means of malaria control are 1) insecticides (DDT, kerosene oil, etc.), 2) the use of netting, and 3) anti- malarial drugs designed to prevent malaria (quinine). What is the link between DDT and bald eagles? DDT, when ingested by bald eagles, weakens their eggs and negatively affects reproduction. It also affects the endocrine system. Rachel Carlson’s book, “Silent Spring”, detailed these negative aspects of DDT and alluded to the extinction of bald eagles and other bird species. DDT is an insecticide that is presently illegal to use in the United States. How is DDT used, for example, in Africa to reduce the risk of malaria? DDT is sprayed on the interior walls of African homes in order to reduce the risk of malaria. What compound with antimalarial activity lights up fluorescent in tonic water under black light? Quinine (used to potentially prevent or cure malaria). How is...
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