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An example of an antibiotic is penicillin its mode of

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Unformatted text preview: tect against the fungal toxin ochratoxin A because it contains phenylalanine as part of its structure. Therefore, the ochratoxin A must compete with phenylalanine for phenylalanyl- tRNA synthetase, which will halt protein synthesis. As a result, high levels of phenylalanine concentration in the blood means reduced ochratoxin A toxicity. Individuals that have Huntington’s disease carry variants of the huntingtin gene with a high number of CAG repeats. Why haven’t such variants disappeared from the human gene pool, given that they cause human suffering and serve no good purpose? Such variants haven’t disappeared from the human gene pool because symptoms only develop after the reproductive stage and the mutations in the huntingtin gene from “normal” to “disease” occur at a very high rate. In general, genes that are subject to disease- causing mutations apparently have not become resistant to mutation. Lecture 24 Describe the relationship between marmots, fleas and the bacterium that causes the bubonic plague. The fleas suck the blood of the infected marmots, then jump to a new host. The bacterium that causes the bubonic plague multiplies in the fleas and then the bacteria infects a new marmot. What local customs in central Asia may have helped to prevent humans from contracting bubonic plague from marmots? Some helpful local customs in central Asia included shooting the marmots that appeared sluggish or sick rather than trapping them. The humans would move away from sick marmot colonies. Why was movement of the plague bacterium from marmots to the black rat as a host important in the dissemination of bubonic plague in Europe? The movement of the plague from marmots to the black rat, also known as the “roof rat” was important in t...
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