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In what ways can it be harmful you would expect to

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Unformatted text preview: printing press revolutionized the medical field because the information could be widely distributed and physicans all over the world could perform the same procedures/experiments and see if they found similar results. What two advantages did the introduction of anesthetics have during operations in the 19th century? One of the advantages of the introduction of anesthetics was the less pain for the patient. Another advantage was more time for the physician to perform the surgery. How did surgeon Robert Liston get an honorable mention in the book ‘Great Medical Disasters’? Robert Liston got an honorable mention because he had what was referred to as the fastest knife in the West End. All of his amputee patients ended up with gangrene and this was the only operation in history with a 300% mortality rate. Lecture 19 What is a bacteriophage? A bacteriophage is any one of a number of viruses that infect bacteria. Do you agree with the statement that parasites are probably the most abundant life- form on earth? I agree with this statement because it has been proven that each species on Earth has at least one unique parasite. In what respect does a parasite have an advantage over a saprobe? A parasite has an advantage over a saprobe because a parasite can infect a living organism while a saprobe is a decomposer and can only infect a host once it is dead. This allows the parasite to achieve faster, more extensive reproduction. What is meant by “attenuation of a virulent strain”? The attenuation of a virulent strain means to reduce the virulence of a strain, but to keep it viable or “live”. An attenuated virus is made harmless or less virulent. The resulting strain is more mild and allows the host to be more mobile, but milder strains infect more people. What circumstances that occurred during the Spanish influenza may have contributed to its severity? The Spanish influenza was more severe because of the wartime circumstances, which included the sick remaining in close contact with healthy people and no barrier to thwart the transmission of virulent strains. What are mycorrhizae? Mycorrhizae help form a mutualistic relationship with plants. Mycorrhizae is a fungus which obtains organic carbon from the plant. The plant benefits by having an extended root system. Where in the human body would you expect to find the bacterium Escherichia coli and in what respects is it beneficial to its human host? In what way(s) can it be harmful? You would expect to find the bacteri...
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