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Unformatted text preview: odo= pr intviewSing le 1/5 2/25/14 Assig nment Pr int View 3. Prepare the journal entries to rec ord interes t ex pens e on June 30, 2015, by eac h of the two approac hes . (If no journa l e ntry is re quire d for a pa rticula r e ve nt, se le ct "No journa l e ntry re quire d" in the first a ccount fie ld.) Eve nt Ge ne ra l Journa l De bit Cre dit 1 2 5. As s uming the mark et rate is s till 10% , what pric e would a s ec ond inves tor pay the firs t inves tor on June 30, 2015, for $10,000 of the bonds ? Pric e of the bonds rev: 11_16_2013_QC_39855 Problem Learning Objective: 14-02 Account for bonds is s ued at face value, at a dis count, or at a prem ium , recording interes t us ing the effective interes t m ethod or us ing the s traight-line m ethod. On January 1, 2013, Bradley Rec reational Produc ts is s ued $100,000, 9% , four-y ear bonds . Interes t is paid s emiannually on June 30 and Dec ember 31. The bonds were is s ued at $96,768 to y ield an annual return of 10% . (FV of $1, PV of $1, FV A of...
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