Due to symmetry we can find y component of field from

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Unformatted text preview: ive charge and multiply by 2. A) B) C) D) E) kQx ˆ j d3 kQ ˆ E 2 i x kQd E 3 ˆ j x kQ E 2 ˆ j x 2kQ ˆ E i xd E 15. Charge Q is placed on a conducting spherical shell with inner radius a and outer radius b. Relative to a potential of zero an infinite distance away from the shell, what are the electric field and the potential at the center of the shell? A) Q Q ,V E E is zero at all points within the shell because 2 4 0b 4 0 a there are no charges within it. This means that all B) Q points inside the shell are at the same potential as E 0, V the outer surface. The field outside of the shell 4 0b looks like a point charge. C) E 0 , V 0 D) Q E 0, V 4 0 a E) Q Q ,V E 2 4 0 a 4 0b Version 1 Page 10 16. Rank the three charge distributions by the amount of work required to assemble them, least to greatest. Assume that all charges start an infinite distance apart. Potential energy is a property of pairs of charge. To get a sense of the energy in a configuration look at all of the pairs. (a) The +/- pairs are close, the +/+ pairs are far. Total ener...
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