The net charge in coulombs on the outer surface of

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Unformatted text preview: urface of the shell is: A) –19 B) –3 C) depends on where the charge is located in the cavity D) +3 E) +27 Charge within the Gaussian surface must be zero because the shell is a conductor. That means that there are +11C on the inner surface. This means that there is -3C on the outer surface to make the total charge on the conductor 8C. Version 1 Page 4 7. Positive charge +Q is uniformly distributed on the left half of a bent rod and a negative charge –Q is uniformly distributed on the right half. What is the direction of force on an electron placed at the center of curvature? A) The red and blue arrow represent the direction of the electric field created by the positive and negative charge, respectively. B) zero C) D) E) Version 1 Page 5 8. Three conducting slabs are arranged as shown in the diagram. The top and bottom conductors are separated by a distance of d=8cm. The top conductor is held at a potential of 10 volts and the bottom conductor at 0 volts. The middle conductor is neutral. What is the appro...
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