The potential does not vary in any other direction

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Unformatted text preview: e potential does not vary in any other direction. The electric field: A) points east and does not vary with position B) points west and does not vary with position C) points west and increases quadratically (as x2) with position. D) points west and increases linearly with x E) points east and varies linearly with x Version 1 Page 2 3. A hollow conductor is positively charged. A small positively charged metal ball is lowered by a silk thread through a small opening in the top of the conductor and allowed to touch its inner surface. After the ball is removed, it will have: A) a positive charge B) a negative charge C) no appreciable charge D) a charge whose sign depends on what part of the inner surface it touched E) a charge whose sign depends on where the small hole is located in the conductor When the metal ball touches the inner surface the two conductors effectively become a single conductor. All charge on this single conductor moves to its outer surface, which means that none is left on the ball. 4. Tw...
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