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Unformatted text preview: lectric field to be zero at a distance r from the center of the cylinder the total charge inside a Gaussian cylinder of radius r must be zero. So, calculate charge inside as a function of radius and solve for the radius where charge is zero. 11. A cylindrically symmetric charge distribution has a volume charge density that depends r2 on the radial position, r, as follows: (r ) 0 (1 2 ) , where is the charge density at a the central axis and "a" is just a size constant. At about what non-zero radius is the electric field equal to zero? A) 1.4a B) 1.8a C) 0.6a D) 0.8a E) 1.2a 12. What is the electric potential at B relative to a potential of zero an infinite distance away? When I made "wrong" answer choices for this problem I accidentally created one that is actually correct. You get full credit for choosing either of the two correct answers (here E is correct if you put origin on right side of bar and make x positive going left. Its a weird looking coordinate system, but it make...
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