Alternative sources of acyl cation carboxylic acid

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Unformatted text preview: lic acid anhydrides are also sources of acyl cations. 12.8 12.8 Synthesis of Alkylbenzenes Synthesis by Acylation-Reduction by Acylation-Reduction Reactions Acylation-reduction reaction sequences are useful to prepare alkyl benzenes that cannot be directly prepared by FriedelCrafts alkylation because of rearrangements. Acylation-Reduction Reactions Acylation-Reduction Reduction of carbonyls with zinc-mercury amalgam in conc. HCl is called the Clemmensen reduction. The Wolff-Kishner reduction uses hydrazine and KOH in a high boiling solvent. 12.9 12.9 Rate and Regioselectivity in Rate Elec...
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