Remember that the fwc function is vectorized so it

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Unformatted text preview: ction is vectorized, so it can handle two T and V vectors: FWC.m function [W] = FWC(T,V) %FWC computes windchill in Fahrenheit % expects temp in T and velocity in V W = 35.74 + 0.6215*T - 35.75*V.^0.16 +.4275.*T.*V.^0.16; %fprintf('The windchill is %8.2fF\n',W); end So, instead we can build this script: % create vector of all temperatures T = 40:-5:-45; %create vector of all wind speeds V = 5:5:60; % find how many temps and how many velocities Tlen = length(T); Vlen = length(V); % create a matrix of temperatures where each row of % temperatures is repeated Vlen times Tmat = repmat(T,Vlen,1); % flip the velocities to a column and create a matrix % of velocities where each column of V is repeated Tlen times Vmat = repmat(V',1,Tlen); % use the (:) operator to convert both matrices to vectors, % send the vectors into FWC, round the results and reshape the answers % into a Vlen x Tlen table or matrix. theTable = reshape(round(F...
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