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Unformatted text preview: WC(Tmat(:),Vmat(:))),Vlen,Tlen) % a script to compute windchill for C or F % ask user if F or C tscale = input('Is this in C or F? ','s'); % ask user for Temp and Windspeed T = input('What is the temperature? '); V = input('What is the wind speed? '); % if C, convert from metric and celsius if tscale == 'C' T = 9*T/5 + 32; V = V/1.609; end %compute the windchill W = round(35.74 + 0.6215*T - 35.75*V.^0.16 +.4275.*T.*V.^0.16); % if C, convert back to celsius if tscale == 'C' W = 5*(W-32)/9; end fprintf('the windchill is %4.0f \n',W); disp('the windchi...
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