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Theoperationsonthequeueare putorenqueueand

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Unformatted text preview: DT) An abstract data type is a set of values and the operations defined on that set of values. In the case of a queue, the values are ordered lists of zero or more objects of some type (e.g., integers or task IDs). The operations on the queue are put (or enqueue) and take (or dequeue). (2) Choose the concurrency­control protocol. Since the queue will be accessed concurrently, we must define a concurrency control protocol to ensure safe access of the queue. As recommended in the Shared Data pattern, the simplest solution is to make all operations on the ADT exclude each other. In addition, we have to decide how the queue will be accessed. First we must decide what happens when a take is attempted on an empty queue or a put is attempted on a full queue. If a thread has to wait in case of an empty queue or a full queue, we call it blocking queue. If the access to the queue is immediately returned on such cases, we call it nonblocking queue. Also, for better performance of shard queue accesses, there are some choices to be made such...
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