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Circle yes or no for each clear cache valid bits yes

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Unformatted text preview: tem perform on a context switch? Circle YES or NO for each: Clear cache Valid bits? YES … NO Reload PageMap with new context? YES … NO Read pages from disk corresponding to new virtual memory contents? YES … NO 6.004 Spring 2009 - 3 of 4 - Quiz #4 Noah Doze, one of the few who actually stayed awake during the entire VM lecture in 6.004, argues that a clever redesign of the memory system using a K-way set associative cache of the same total (214-word) size, for some carefully chosen K, will allow the cache and page map lookups to happen concurrently. (E) (2 points) Fill in the details of Noah’s argument in the blanks below. Continue to assume a 90% hit ratio. 4 Appropriate (minimal) value of K: ________ 9 New average access time: ________ns. Problem 4 (3 points): Mystery Handler You are exploring an operating system very much like the one sketched in lecture, and have discovered the following code for a mysterious, undocumented supervisor call handler: Mystery_SVC_handler() { User....
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