Run depthrst search on the graph reproduced below

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Unformatted text preview: same destination, you decide to use the edge classification of depth-first search. Run depthfirst search on the graph reproduced below, starting from vertex A, and label every edge with T if it’s a tree edge, B if it’s a back edge, F if it’s a forward edge, and C if it’s a cross edge. As a reminder, recall that an edge (u, v ) is • a tree edge (T) if v was first discovered by exploring edge (u, v ) (tree edges form the depth-first forest); • a back edge (B) if v is u’s ancestor in a depth-first tree; • a forward edge (F) if v is u’s descendant in a depth-first tree; and • a cross edge (C) if none of the above apply. Solution: Recursion-based implementation: D B B T B T B A F T T T T C E T G H B Stack-based implementation: D T T B B B A T F T B T B C E T G T H Scoring: For Problem 3(c) and 3(d), we computed the score as P − 1 Nw , where 2 P is the total points of the problem and Nw is the number of wrong labels. 6.006 Quiz 2 Solutions Name 6 (d) [6 points] Now suppose that the passages in the maze...
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