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Unformatted text preview: ry edge to produce G = (V, E, w ), then p is also a shortest path in G . Solution: True. Multiplying edge weights by any positive constant factor preserves their relative order, as well as the relative order of any linear combination of the weights. All path weights are linear combinations of edge weights, so the relative order of path weights is preserved. This means that a shortest path in G will still be a shortest path in G . 3 6.006 Quiz 2 Solutions Name 4 Problem 3. MazeCraft [26 points] (5 parts) You are playing SnowStorm’s new video game, MazeCraft. Realizing that you can convert a maze into a graph with vertices representing cells and edges representing passages, you want to use your newly learned graph-search algorithms to navigate the maze. Consider the following converted graph. D B A F C E G H For the following questions, assume that the graph is represented using adjacency lists, and that all adjacency lists are sorted, i.e., the vertices in an adjacency list are always sorted alphabetically...
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