232 part b find wavelength work the wave number k can

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Unformatted text preview: with the same phase). The phase is of the form ωt−kz , where ω is the angular frequency (i.e. radians per second) and k the wave vector (i.e. radians per meter). By inspection, ω = 107 π , and since ω = 2πf , the frequency is f = ω/(2π ) = 5 × 106 [Hz] = 5[MHz] , assuming time is given in seconds. 2.3.2 Part b FIND Wavelength. WORK The wave number, k , can also be identified by inspection. It is 0.2 (the wave vector is k = z 0.2, since the wave is forward-propagating in the z -direction). ˆ ˆ Since k = 2π/λ, λ = 2π/k = 2π/0.2 = 10π ≈ 31.42[m] . There is a correspondence with the spatial period, or wavelength, λ, and the temporal period, T : ω = 2π/T and k = 2π/λ. 6 2.3.3 Part c FIND Velocity of light in the medium. WORK The phase velocity if this wave is given by c = ω/k . This is ω 107...
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