These two quantities are 12 e cos2 t where e0 3 is

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Unformatted text preview: the phasor, E = x3. 2.4.1 Part a FIND Time average intensity of the wave. WORK For this plane wave, the time average intensity is given by η≡ μ 2.4.2 ˜ 9 E2 = , where 2η 2η . Part b FIND (i) magnetic energy density, Wm (t), and (ii) electric energy density, We (t), at x = y = z = 0. WORK 2 1 The magnetic energy density is given from Wm (t) = 2 μ H , while the elec- tric energy density is given by We (t) = 1 2 2 E . These two quantities are 12 E cos2 (...
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