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SNB sets min EUR-CHF rate - exchange rate below the minimum...

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abcdefg Press release Communications P.O. Box, CH-8022 Zurich Telephone +41 44 631 31 11 [email protected] Zurich, 6 September 2011 Swiss National Bank sets minimum exchange rate at CHF 1.20 per euro The current massive overvaluation of the Swiss franc poses an acute threat to the Swiss economy and carries the risk of a deflationary development. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is therefore aiming for a substantial and sustained weakening of the Swiss franc. With immediate effect, it will no longer tolerate a EUR/CHF
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Unformatted text preview: exchange rate below the minimum rate of CHF 1.20. The SNB will enforce this minimum rate with the utmost determination and is prepared to buy foreign currency in unlimited quantities. Even at a rate of CHF 1.20 per euro, the Swiss franc is still high and should continue to weaken over time. If the economic outlook and deflationary risks so require, the SNB will take further measures....
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