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Unformatted text preview: eceive the entire spiritual experience, to have an interview with the father of all sin, but he is unable to because Satan cannot speak. If one takes a look at Dante’s description of Satan, one will find that Satan is in fact suffering a great deal. “...and he was agitating them [wings] so that three winds made their way out from him­­ and all Cocytus froze before these winds. He wept out of six eyes; and down three chins, tears gushed together with a bloody froth.” (1.34.50­54) While most of the sinners Dante encounters are oblivious to their condition, self pitying, or scornful, Satan himself, is pure and unadulterated suffering, in retribution for the greatest sin: trying to overthrow God. Since evil is not its own creation, rather evil is t...
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